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Anyone who has experienced a full body massage at Sense of Balance Massage Therapy in the Fort Payne, AL area knows this is the best place for such a relaxing treatment. I provide top-notch massage therapy services.

A full body massage is performed from head to toe. It involves the head, scalp, neck, shoulders, arms, back, legs, and feet. It is important to note that the massage does not include the genital area. A full body massage can be therapeutic and relaxing in nature.

I begin each session by massaging the head and scalp. Using my fingers and palms, I stimulate hair follicles, relax scalp skin, and treat the entire area with the attention it deserves.

Experts have known for centuries that head and scalp massages increase hair growth, stimulate follicle health, and brings dull hair to life. Cosmetologists commonly perform a cursory massage on customers receiving a shampoo.

A full body massage is a wonderful way to pamper yourself. I recommend setting aside a solid hour for the massage and an extra 30 minutes for preparation and completion.

I end each full body massage with a thorough foot and ankle massage. My massage works every toe, muscle, and tissue to ensure complete relaxation. Customers love my heavy foot massage!

Find out what a full body massage is all about in the Fort Payne, AL area by scheduling an appointment with me at Sense of Balance Massage Therapy.

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